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Meet Pillowtalk, an ANSI C API for CouchDB

July 13, 2009

For those that don't know, [CouchDB] ( "CouchDB") is an exciting document oriented database that is built upon Erlang. It uses JSON as its data format and HTTP to communicate with clients. These two features are especially exciting because they create a platform agnostic way to pass around data and a horizontally scalable communication mechanism.

Enter Pillowtalk

We have been doing some experimenting with CouchDB over at Cruxlux, but a lot of our stack is in C. Unfortunately, there wasn't a simple way to interact with CouchDB because the C API was deprecated a while back.

Pillowtalk is a C library built upon [libcurl] ( "libcurl") for the HTTP communication and [yajl] ( "yajl") for parsing and generating JSON. I have tagged a 0.0.1 release for anyone who wants to kick the tires over at github. Learn more about the library with an example.

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